Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Conference Notes

Ideas from General Conference that really touched me...

- We can't do it along, but we can pray for help and we will recieve it.

Bednar- Becoming sanctified is not a result of working harder or having increased self-discipline, but rather through the atonement of Christ. It is done through slow, steady spiritual growth, not sporadic bursts.

Eyring- Ask each day, "How have I seen the hand of God touch my life or the lives of those in my family today?"

Beck - Be a mother that KNOWS. Create a climate of spiritual growth in the home. Point children towards the temple. The home is an MTC. Have children work alongside you during homemaking tasks. Growth occurs best in a home of order. PLAN for the future of your family. Simplify. Don't try to have it all. Preparing this generation is true influence and power.

Cook- We will be most effective in our callings when we focus on love, faith and prayer. I need to get a copy of the "Preach My Gospel" to use as a resource in our home.

Callister- The first opportunity for sharing testimonies should be in the home. We only need one witness to have a strong testimony, our own. Pray not to lose it.

- Look for opportunities to serve- don't just say "call if you need anything". It is better to do many small, seemingly insignificant acts of service, than nothing at all. Our church calling does not let us off the hook from serving families, neighbors and community.

Oaks- Just because something is good, doesn't mean we should do it. Some choices are good, others are better, others are best. Pick the best. Super family activities are good, but not better than one on one time with a parent. Don't magnify the work, simplify it. In our callings what matters most is not frills and embellishments, but that individuals are administered to, uplifted and changed.

Possible Goals:

1. Spend less time on the internet. Make my "me" time truly restorative instead of vegetative. Spend my time doing the "best" choices.

2. Plan for opportunities for one on one time with each child.

3. Spend more of my time serving, even in little ways. Actively seek ways I can do this for my family, friends and neighbors.

4. Focus on love, faith, prayer and administering, uplifting and changing individuals in my calling.

5. Have a family testimony meeting for fhe one night.

6. Order a copy of "Preach My Gospel." Use it to make our home an MTC.

7. Streamline and simplify our home. Seek opportunities to have children work along side me during homemaking tasks. (Have a different child each night help me make dinner?)

8. Do better in my personal study and prayer. Study the role of the atonement in the process of sactification. Stop thinking I need to do it on my own, humble myself and ask for more divine help.

9. Focus daily on the blessings that the Lord has given me and my family. I have to still figure out exactly how to do this.

As usual, I went into conference feeling pretty good about things and came out realizing how far I have yet to go. But, feeling inspired to try to go there!