Why I'm Singing

I just thought I'd write a post about why I named my blog what I did. I don't want anyone to get the impression that I CAN sing. Don't get me wrong, I love to sing, but since my kids have frequently asked me to stop, I generally limit my singing time to vacuuming or lullabying my toddler who is too little to say "Knock it off, Mom, that hurts!"

No, the reason I am Singing a Verse of My Song is a quote from this article:

"Do not be deceived in your quest to find happiness and an identity of your own. Entreating voices may tell you that what you have seen your mothers and grandmothers do is old-fashioned, unchallenging, boring, and drudgery. It may have been old-fashioned and perhaps routine; at times it was drudgery. But your mothers and grandmothers have sung a song that expressed the highest love and the noblest of womanly feelings. They have been our nurturers and our teachers. They have sanctified the work, transforming drudgery into the noblest enterprises." -James Faust.

My opening quote also comes from this same article. I highly recommend giving it a read.

I remember feeling some angst awhile back about the years I was not going to be pursuing a satisfying career while being a SAHM. Given the choice, I pick nurturing my children over any other occupation any day of the week. But, part of me wondered if I was missing out on something. I then tried a life planning exercise, probably from one of the Covey books. It was to make a time line of my life, marking all the significant periods. Since I plan on living to 100, I decided my timeline was pretty long (I'm very healthy and had a great grandmother live to 104.) When I marked off the section of years I would have young children at home, I was shocked. Even with a 12 year spread between my children, these preschool years will only take up 17% of my total life. Once all my children have graduated from high school, I will have almost half of my life span (45 years) left of my life to live. Plenty of time to pursue interests and occupations outside of mothering. Of course, if we are blessed with any more children this will adjust somewhat, but only by a few years. So, I am focusing on enjoying these few years I have with my children as much as I can. They are never coming back. So, THAT's why I'm singing.

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