Sunday, August 27, 2006

Remembering 9/11 Victims

Today I ran across a special blogging opportunity. Someone came up with the great idea of a blogging tribute to the victims of 9/11. On the upcoming anniversary of that tragedy, 2,996 bloggers will post individual tributes, each honoring one of the victims of the terrible events of that day. What a great opportunity to be a part of something really noble and important. I was very excited about it, and almost signed up, but as I read about some of the few as yet assigned victims, I started to feel very emotional and knew that in my weepy pregnant state that this would be too hard for me to do. Maybe if they do it again next year. But, I do look forward to seeing many of the tributes. The idea is that so many tributes will be out there on that day, that everyone who reads blogs will encounter them and remember. Maybe you would like to participate? You can sign up here. Last I checked there were 83 unassigned victims. September 11th is coming up fast and it would be very sad if there were any that did not get assigned in time.


  1. thanks for letting us know about this nettie!

  2. So glad you posted about this - I heard about it a while back but didn't act on it but then when I went to look for it again my search was bringing up things that I wasn't sure were the right tribute...anyway, it's an awesome idea.

    And I totally empathize with you - I walked into the 9/11 exhibit in the Museum of American History right after my first baby was born, saw one picture and turned right around to go bawl in the hallway - I couldn't take it. But maybe now I can write a tribute...through tears. I don't think any of us can talk about it or think about it on the individual human level without feeling a sick ache in our hearts.

    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

  3. That is such a great idea! Thanks for letting us know :)

  4. I'll be participating. I signed up several weeks ago and will be devoting some time during the next few weeks to learn more about Perry Anthony Thompson, who was 36 years old and perished in the World Trade Center.

    I don't ever want to forget what I felt on that day. I doubt I ever could.

  5. What a cool idea. I checked and they are all taken. I hope I run into some of their stories.