Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Yes, I know I am late. And I don't even have any pictures from Easter Day to share. In our rush to get ready for church, we ran out of time to take pictures before, and by the time we all got home we had messy hair and chocolate on shirts. We had a nice Easter Sunday, followed by the usual ham dinner. We colored eggs on Black Friday, in preparation of our Primary Easter activity on the Saturday before Easter. I really wanted the activity to be both fun and also help the children remember and better understand why we celebrate Easter. We may incorporate some of the activities we did into our regular family Easter activities.

We started off painting eggs with glue paint (white glue mixed with a bit of food coloring).

Then we watched the church's scripture reader videos about the atonement and crucifixion. After that we divided into three groups and rotated through activities. The first group made stained glass Easter pictures. I used a coloring page from the friend, simplified and made the lines a bit more bold. Then the kids colored them, turned them over and wiped the backs with a bit of cooking oil. The oil makes the paper transparent, creating a stained glass effect when the pictures are put up in a window.

The next group made resurrection rolls and opened a dozen plastic eggs, each one containing an object that helps tell part of the Easter story.

The last group I was in charge of and it was the active, get your wiggles out activity. We did races rolling a colored hard boiled egg with your nose, the colored eggs tag game and Easter, Easter, Easter egg (instead of duck, duck, duck, goose). It was really fun to get to play with the kids. We really have such darling, sweet and funny kids in our primary!

Finally, we divided into an older and a younger group for an Easter egg hunt. We left some of the eggs empty to remind the children of the empty tomb, and also cut out pictures of Christ and other things from church magazines to put in with the candy to again remind them of why we celebrate Easter.

We finished up with the Resurrection rolls, fresh fruit and apple juice for refreshments. I, at least, had a lot of fun, and I hope the kids did, too. I generally let my counselors choose what projects they want to be in charge of, and I am always surprised when they pick everything other than the Primary activities. I think they are so much fun!


  1. Sounds like alot of fun. Happy Easter to all. :)

  2. It sounds like your activity went well. I will have to save those ideas for next year. I tried the resurrection rolls this year, and they flopped. What kind of rolls do you use? I just used the Western Family Crescents, but they didn't turn out well. Maybe next year I will get it right. ;)