Monday, April 3, 2006

A Confession

I admit it. I'm nosy. I'm one of those people that if you invite me over I have to check out your decorating, or if we run into each other at the store I glance in your cart to see what you are buying. It's not that I mean to butt into your business. It's just that my sleep deprived brain has difficulty coming up with its own brilliant ideas, so I'm on the look out for yours! One thing, I'm always curious about is how other SAHM's spend their days. To be fair and to make ammends for all the spying I've done, I thought I would share what I would be doing this week. At least besides the laundry, dishes, diaper changing, etc.

Monday: Errand Day: bank, Lowe's, Michael's, Kroger
Kid's activities: Track Practice, Choosy Kids Club
Dinner: Quick Pasta

Tuesday: Paperwork day: bank deposit, state taxes, rsvp's, renew prescripts, Dad's bday card
Prep for family night and Mia Maid class activity (Easter party)
Kid's activities: track practice, family night
Dinner: mini meatloaves

Wednesday: FTPILD (For the people I love day): bake cookies, pumpkin bread, food for mops, sew Easter dresses, call mom
Kid's activities: track meet, scouts, activity day, young women's
Dinner: ham and bean soup

Thursday: Room Focus Day: Nursery: Deep clean, declutter
Mom activity: MOPS
Kid's activities: track practice, gymnastics
Dinner: Breakfast Carmel Rolls - new recipe (Yes, for dinner -Bad Mommy!)

Friday: Clean/Organize Day: sheets, shower, kitchen, vaccuum, mop, organize 2005 photos
Mom activities: Mary Kay Facial (reluctantly), Date with Dad (Yay!)
Dinner: Citrus chicken

Saturday: Garden/Yard/Family Fun Day: finish turning garden soil, plant more seeds
Kid's activities: chores, University Science carnival
Dinner: Welsh Rarebit
Also: Young Women's Presidency Meeting and Young Women and their mom's come over for ice cream sundaes and watch rebroadcast of General YW meeting.

Okay, now I am tired. This is the plan, but it won't all get done. That's okay. Just having the plan, keeps me focused. Now stop watching me!


  1. I do the same thing!!! I always like to know how others spend their time. Ever since I was little I always thought other people had more exciting lives than I do. It was fun to see what you are up to this week. What is MOPS?

  2. Okay, but do you make your husband drive slow past homes that have their blinds open so you can check out their decorating?

    I think we all do things like this but you had enough courage to say it out loud. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    You are so organized with your time. I am in awe.

  3. other people lives reallyt are about the same- today was swimming at the Y and off to YW--dinner TBA

  4. Mops stands for mothers of preschoolers. It is a Christian based group of moms that get together 2x a month to eat a potluck breakfast, listen to a guest speaker, perhaps do a quick craft and have discussion groups- all with free babysitting. Its a national program, with locally formed groups.

    Stephanie- Great idea! ;)

  5. That is SO me...looking into other people's carts! ;) - see - we're all the same. Great to know our days are the same...errands, errands, errands..oh and computer time.

  6. Yeah, I'm nosy. I love to see what other people do. And I keep all of my old planners and daytimers and actually like looking through the old ones to see what I've been doing in the past.