Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Works For Me: Review 4

So, I don't forget, here are my favortie WFMW, so I don't forget to actually do them!

Monica shows a very inexpensive, cute way to make notecards. I love the envelopes, especially. I am thinking this would be a great YW project to do with the girls at church.

Jenn suggests a space saving way to store DVD's that I have been wanting to do. I'm going to start looking for what I need to do it now.

Gina Has an idea to make for babies. We've had a baby boom around here, so I am going to keep this in mind as a possible gift making idea.

Cmommy has an idea for a paint preserving paint palatte that I am thinking of trying for my paints, as well as the kids.


  1. Thank you so much for compiling these for everyone!! I appreciate it so much!!

  2. Oh this is pure genius!! thanks for puttin these down!! I have new reads wonderful!!

  3. Nettie-thanks for the mention. I've gotten quite a few hits from it (I check these sorts of things a bit compulsively!) I'm glad you thought it was useful enough to list.

  4. WOOHOO, I AM FAMOUS!!!! Thanks for the honorable mention on your post. And thanks for the congrads at my place!

  5. You made my day--I made your list! I am so motivated to try again :-) (don't you love the mommyblogging community? we give each other the pats-on-the-back that our family might be, well, forgetting, lol!) C