Thursday, June 29, 2006

Works For Me Review 5

I loved all of the Works for Me Wednesday posts at Shannon's Rocks in My Dryer!

These are my favorite, "I'm going to try this" posts:

At She Lives you can see a beautiful bathroom and great bath storage ideas. I have been looking for something in which to store my make up on the counter, now that my toddler can get into my top bath drawer. I have had a hard time finding something I like, Carol has expanded my ideas on the possible solution.

Tami has a tasty idea that will help me get more veggies into my picky toddler.

Katherine has tips to making perfect cookies. I'm going to try chilling my dough more and see how I like it.

At Nine Recliners there is a new idea for a less messy way to brown hamburger in bulk. A task I very much dislike.

Maggie put out a request for crockpot recipes. I'm hoping her readers suggest a few good ones. I'll be checking back!

Blest with Sons has a great idea for helping keep track of recipes you want to try. I'm going to use the same technique to keep track of some of my favorite projects and topics in my books.

And in the comments of my post on patriotism there are some additional great suggestions! Thanks Gina, Jettara, and Theresa!

And congratulations to No Cool Story on your first Independance day as an new United States citizen!


  1. Great list. I enjoy your reviews. There were even a couple that I missed reading yesterday. Thanks for mentioning me in your post too. :)

  2. Thank you for the list you made, and for including me on it!
    (Happy Anniversary, as well!)