Saturday, November 10, 2007


Not the slobbery on your belly kind. The luscious, juicy red kind.

My favorite thing I grow in our garden is the raspberries. Not only are the just about the tastiest thing I grow, they are also one of the easiest, and the best value for my efforts. If I had to buy my raspberries from the store, my family would rarely get them because they are so expensive!

Picking them was so much fun with Elsie this year. There is just something satisfying about seeing your 2 year old delightedly picking and eating berry after berry until her mouth and fingers are stained red. I really should have put down the berry bucket and taken some pictures, huh?

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Raspberry harvest is over now, and I had accumulated a large stash of cleaned, smashed and frozen berries. So, yesterday was jam making day. I finished with 64 cups of raspberry and raspberry pear freezer jam. I ran out of freezer containers and even used a couple baggies. It was either that or sippy cups. And believe it or not it will all be long gone before the tasty berries are back next year.

And in case anyone was wondering, some if it will soon be found in a freezer in NJ...


  1. What a nice harvest! We didn't get much this year... Liam ate every last one of them himself! It was a fun daily ritual and I look forward to next year.

    New Jersy huh? I'll look for more new on that comment.

  2. So jealous. I love raspberries too, and freezer jam.


  3. Why will they be in a freezer in New Jersey? That looks like a lot of hard work...way to go.

  4. My MIL loves raspberry jam. I took her some over the Thanksgiving holiday. She lives in NJ.