Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Resolution Review

Just a quick review of my progress on my 2007 resolutions:

Spring clean and organize my house before the baby comes in March. I got a lot of this done, but not all. But, enough to be satisfied. Of course, that was months ago and it really needs to be done again!

After the baby comes, lose my pregnancy weight gain and get into good shape. The baby weight is gone. But, I could still improve on my physical fitness.

Read scriptures as a family more consistently and effectively. We are doing LOUSY in this area. Now that my son leaves at 6 am for early morning seminary, we no longer are eating together as a family for breakfast. Subsequently, we are no longer reading scriptures together. We tried reading with family prayer just before bed, but evenings are often crazy around here, little ones are tired and cranky, and I am too. I really need to think through how we can start this habit up again. Any suggestions?

Use my time more wisely. I could still do better in this, as well. I'm just not much of a routine person, but I know my days would flow better if I were. And I am so easily side tracked!

Help my daughters memorize the first 7 Articles of Faith. Actually, we did the first 10! We will probably continue working on the remainder.

Learn to decorate cakes. Emily and I took two classes together. It was quite fun, but I could still use practice. Since 2008 is the year of the birthday parties, opportunities are coming!

I have worked on my goals, but as usual there is more to be done. I'll be perfect someday. Just you wait!


  1. Wow! You did really well with your goals.. I don't know if I remember what mine were. Probably go to the gym everyday. There's always 2008... Good job you! You kept track and made some reall progress. I love that!

  2. I have no doubt!

    Way to go on your goals. I'm proud of you.

  3. Good Job Nettie! Looks like you did well.

  4. Congrats on the new baby.

    I would so love to have a larger family.

  5. sounds like you're doing pretty well. I don't think I ever make resolutions. And I dont have a scale so I don't know if the baby weight is gone, but I know for sure my shape isn't back!

  6. Kudos on the Articles of Faith! That is so wonderful!

  7. Wow!! You are doing great on your resolutions. I don't even remember what mine were, so I guess I haven't done very well!

  8. Congrats on getting rid of the baby weight. That is such an accomplishment! Getting toned will be even better! :)

    I'm terrible at keeping resolutions so I stopped making them, but I still do work on other areas of my life that need attention. I just don't do it in January! :D

  9. WOW way to go-- I am not doing to good on my goals. And I think I will be adding more for next year.