Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blooming in My Garden Right Now...

It's Columbine time again!

Cyrus had a rough night a couple nights ago because of an ear infection and went down for an 8 am nap the next morning, which gave me a chance to take some photos in the early morning sunshine. The columbine are popping up all over my perennial garden. These are one of my favorite flowers. Very dainty and airy. My perennial garden is very tightly packed, the but columbines hardly take up any room. They also self sow, so new ones show up and surprise me every year. I even found one in one of my flower pots this spring. I think it was probably planted there by Maddy, though. She enjoys collecting flower seeds and spreading them around our yard.


  1. gorgeous- i love your flowers!!

  2. They are so delicate and beautiful!

    Oh, I forgot to mention how much I like your new haircut! :)

  3. Your photos are so beautiful! Have you studied photography? Your floral pictures make me want to garden and work on my photo skills!

  4. I did take a class in photography in college, but I didn't learn much from it. I have been trying to improve my picture taking skills, though, and my flowers are one of my favorite subjects!

  5. Wonderful pictures!! I just love your blog!!!

    Thanks for visiting mine & commenting so i know you were there! i am always up for making new lds lady friends...even if it is in BLOGGY WORLD! :)