Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

Time for my annual post of New Year's Resolutions

I used an address from the last General Conference to help me in planning my resolutions this year. It was an address by Pres. Uchtdorf entitled "Of Things That Matter Most". It talks of the importance of focusing on the important basics. But, I couldn't stop myself there in making plans. So, my resolutions have been assigned high priority and lower priority standing this year. So, here they are:

2011 New Year's resolutions

Do better at following the golden rule, especially to my family. Be more sensitive to needs of others and seek out opportunities to serve. Show greater love and respect for my spouse. Limit computer time. Be a consistent and proactive parent.
Daily Routine
Have meaningful personal prayers that focus on receiving the spirit. Spend time each day studying the gospel. Have unrushed family dinners and daily family gospel study. Consistently keep up with the laundry. Practice a daily cleaning routine. Exercise four times each week. Regularly practice tap and piano. Eat lunch with Cyrus. Read and do preschool with Cyrus. Follow through on chore checks. Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Find personal reading time.
Have Family Home Evening. Work on church calling work. Have a date with dh. Attend church. Study Eastern Cultures with kids
Have individual dates or talks with children. Find time for quiet time for personal reflection. Review personal progress. Call and talk to extended family members. Sew.
Monthly family fun day, trip to UT, 2 other family trips, quarterly visits to temple, romantic getaway for anniversary, do 14 days of Valentines for dh, participate in the Trek
Work on 72 hr kits and food storage, clean up and organize home, family history- create connections for children, service such as Sub for Santa, find ways for children to develop relationships with extended family.
Some of these I don't really need to improve on. For example, we go to church every week that we aren't sick. But, I include them to maintain focus on their importance. I organized them in a way that I hope will help me apply them in my life, including planning a schedule that will incorporate as many as possible into my daily and weekly routines. Because I truly believe in the power of routines. Official start time will be Sunday. I plan to post my daily schedules and my progress in keeping them. At least for the first week.

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