Monday, January 3, 2011

New Sunday Schedule

Yesterday was the first Sunday of the year and the resulting change from 9 am church to 1 pm church. I much prefer the 9 am. Mostly because I love having the "get everyone ready and to church on time" over with and because I love Sunday afternoon naps. It was also the first day of my planned new personal schedule:

Wake up and shower
dinner prep and kitchen clean up
Baths/Showers/get everyone ready for church except for clothes
Work on PP, Faith in God, Duty to God, etc. with kids.
Calendaring and planning for new week.
Noon Lunch
After lunch Dress for church
1 pm Church
5 pm PJ's, Family dinner
After dinner Kitchen clean up, family scripture study then relax time and a treat
8 pm Family Prayer, teeth brushed, kids prayers and in bed reading
9 pm My bedtime routine and read
10 pm Personal Prayer and Sleep

I haven't set times for the morning, because I think it will vary from week. Yesterday it was fast Sunday so there were no big breakfasts. We had leftovers from our New Year's turkey dinner, so there was no dinner prep. And the girls had their showers the night before, so we spent more time than necessary doing fancy hair dos. So, we'll just play that one by ear, simplifying where necessary to make sure we get what needs to be done completed.

One of the changes I am trying to do is to have dinner earlier and to do pj's and family scripture study right after. I'm hoping we will feel less rushed on evenings when there are activities to get to and that pj's right after dinner will help streamline bedtime. We are in the habit of getting out of church clothes right after church, so it felt like we had just changed and we were doing pj's. So, maybe on Sundays we'll just change right into pj's right after church unless we need to go to a fireside or other meeting. Sounds comfy, right?

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  1. I am more into sweats, but then again I am not a PJ person. We are on the 1:00 PM schedule now too. Like you I prefer 9:00 AM. We rotate through an 11:00 AM time too. In the past, our ward has had a "Linger Longer" on fast day (when we have the last hour for church). Everyone stays for soups and visits after church. Thanks for sharing your family routine.