Monday, December 30, 2013

10 Principles of Using and Rotating Your Food Storage

10 Principles of Using and Rotating Your Food Storage
FIFO- First in, First Out.  Eat your oldest food first.  Use it or Lose it.
Date your long term food storage. 
Plan for the physical rotation.  Rotating shelves, in the back and out the front, use from left to right, or put the new stuff behind the old.
Make space in your kitchen to store food storage items.  Easy access makes a difference!
Use your food storage in recipes and meals you already eat.
Find new recipes which use food storage.  Food storage cookbooks or websites and blogs are great sources.
Plan to cook with your food storage.  Make it a routine to incorporate food storage into your meals every week.
Ask what can you do to make using a food more convenient?  For example, beans can be cooked in bulk and then frozen to be used more quickly.  Or buy a pressure cooker to cook them faster.
Store a variety of foods so you have more options in using them.
Learn substitutions such as using pureed cooked beans for a portion of the fat in baking.  Cooked beans for butter, pureed with a bit of water for oil.  Or replace a portion of meat, such as adding oats to meatloaf or refried beans to tacos.  Or replace the meat entirely with seasoned black beans. 
Try New Things!  Make your own yogurt, granola, mixes, grow wheat grass, cook wheat berries, etc.

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