Monday, December 30, 2013

Using Food Storage Recipes

Using Food Storage
Dry Milk
Orange Julius
In a blender, put 1 cup ice cubes, 1/3 c non-fat dry milk powder, capful of vanilla flavoring, ¼ c sugar.  Cover all with oj.  Blend till ice is fully incorporated.  Can add a couple bananas or handful of berries.  If they are frozen, omit the ice.

Banana Milk
2 bananas, fresh or frozen
1 capful vanilla
2 tablespoons sugar or a squirt of honey, optional
3 cups cold water
½ c, plus 1 T non fat dry milk or 1 c instant dry milk
Blend in blender till smooth.  Chill unless frozen fruit used.

Magic Mix from
2 1/3 c powdered milk
1 c flour
1 c. (2 sticks) room temperature butter or margarine
Mix thoroughly with wire whisk attachment in mixer.  Store in fridge.  (Fits in a #10 can)
White Sauce using Magic Mix
Whisk 2/3 c magic mix into 1 c water and stir and heat over medium heat till it thickens. 
Pudding Using Magic Mix
½ c sugar
1 c magic mix
2-3 T cocoa, optional
2 c water
1 t vanilla
Mix dry ingredients well.  Stir in water and heat and stir over medium heat till it bubbles. Beat in vanilla.  Cover and chill.
Homemade Yogurt (4 ½ hrs)
½ c plain yogurt with live cultures (can reuse your own yogurt in the future)
3 c, plus 2 T nonfat dry milk
Run 2 qts plus 1 c jars in dishwasher with lids (can be pre used, clean lids.  We aren’t sealing them.)
Fill large crock pot with hot water, set on warm
Pour 1 qt water into large pot. Wisk in dry milk.  Wisk in another 1 qt water
Heat milk to 185-195 degrees F on 5, takes about 20 min.  Stir occasionally over 150 degrees.
Pour back into measuring bowl, set in sink of cold water halfway up handle and cool to 50 degrees C or put in fridge to cool for about 15 min
Pour ½ c milk into 1 c glass measure, add enough plain yogurt to reach 1 c.  stir well
Stir yogurt mix into rest of milk.  Ladle into jars and tightly screw on lids.
Lower jars into crock pot of water.
Let incubate 4 hours.  Water should be 50 degrees C.  Over 55 will kill good bacteria.

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