Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Have you heard of E-mealz? It's a menu/shopping list planning subscription service. For $5 a month, you receive an economical menu, cooking directions and shopping list for the grocery store of your choice. The menus are planned around what is available and on sale at that store. There are multiple options for menu types, as well. If you are vegetarian, for example. They happen to have all 3 of the potential grocery stores I shop at. I was curious to know how well it worked and if my family would like it, so I printed off some of the sample menus/lists to give it a little try. They only have 3 meals out of the usual 7, but still enough for a taste of what it is like. We tried the Walmart one this week and it was a big thumbs up. Sweet and sour pork roast, Chinese chicken salad and Tostados. Almost everyone loved every meal. And it was nice to not only know I had everything on hand, but also have the side dishes all planned out. And it wasn't the same old stuff I always think of doing. I'm going to try the Aldi, Kroger and low fat options next. If it continues to rock my world, I may subscribe for awhile.

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