Sunday, January 16, 2011

New light fixtures

It seems like things wear out in waves. Lately its been the electrical fixtures. Our doorbell went out, and then both of the hanging fixtures and the exterior lights by the garage developed shorts. I replaced the doorbell myself. Booyah! And for Christmas I got new fixtures for the kitchen. That sounds like a lame gift, but it was THE fixtures that I have been lusting over for a long time. They are from a company called Schoolhouse Electric based in Oregon. They are reproduction fixtures from the 30's that would have been used in public places like schools and offices. They found the old molds in a warehouse in NY. They describe exploring in a dusty warehouse with flashlights, sticking their hands into the molds to feel the shapes. Doesn't that make shivers go up your spine? Anyways, I love them. There are two smaller ones to go over the island, but we only have a single fixture electrical box, so they are waiting till we plan what we are doing in our kitchen. I want to redo cabinets, tear out soffits and put beadboard and crown molding on the ceiling, which all interrelates. But, its not all in the budget. We also updated all the ceiling fixtures in the halls. Now I need to find some colonial feeling, motion sensing exterior light fixtures for outside. Which seem to be incredibly difficult to find in the proper size.

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