Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flower Fairy Nursery

Elsie's Nursery

I love when people put photos of things they have created on their blogs, so I thought I would put something I created on mine.

Another Angle

I finally got to have my first nursery with our fourth baby. We just never had the space for one with the first three. Since this may be my one and only nursery, I really had fun with it. My inspiration was Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairies, specifically, the forget me knot baby fairy:

Where do fairy babies lie
Till they're old enough to fly?
Here's a likely place, I think,
'Mid these flowers blue and pink,
(Pink for girls and blue for boys:
Pretty things for baby's toys!)
Let us peep now, gently. Why,
Fairy baby, here you lie!

Kicking there with no one by,
Baby dear, how good you lie!
All alone, but, you're not-
You could never be forgot!
O, how glad I am I've found you,
With forget-me-nots around you,
Blue-the color of the sky!
Fairy baby, hushaby!

Blue Bells Fairy

I had always wanted to try my hand at mural art, so I painted the walls with clouds, added a six different varieties of flowers in shades of blue and purple, and finally, hid versions of the Barker fairies among the flowers. Because I love gardening, I tried to recreate actual types of flowers so I could teach my daughter to identify their names: Lavendar, Lilac, Columbine, Sweet Pea, Blue Bells, and Iris. My Mom made a beautiful quilt and pillow (with fabric provided by my MIL from her quilt shop) and crocheted a cozy afghan for my rocking chair. We used a vintage white dresser we already had and bought our first crib, an inexpensive Jenny Lind style. I love the way the room feels and my toddler's surprise when she discovers one of the fairies. Now, I just need to get around to decorating the rest of the house...

Lilac Fairy

Sweet Peas Fairies

I wanted the clouds to be very soft and subtle, more so than just sponging white paint on a blue background creates. If anyone wants to know how to do them, let me know and I will post instructions!


  1. that is so magical, I love it. Lucky baby to have such a sweet nursery!

  2. Nettie, this is AMAZING!!! I am so glad you posted this. You really are inspiring. My mom is coming over this summer to paint cabbage roses and lily of the valleys in my dd's room. I can't wait! I am so excited to show her what you have done. Funny about the faries...she is painting a watercolor of my girls as fairies to go over their bed too.

  3. What a wonderful room. You are so talented. I am jealous. I am glad to see how your home looks. It makes me feel closer to you and your family.

  4. I love it! You're so talented.

  5. GORGEOUS WORK! What a woman you are! What an artist!

  6. That is beautiful! Lucky little baby!!!

  7. Wow you are very talented. I have never had a nursery either for any of my kids (they are so deprived) but even if I did have one, I couldn't have done what you did. It's very beautiful. Congrats!

  8. I was wondering if you would post pictures sometime. I am so glad you did. It is such a beautiful room. We are going to have a flower fairy birthday party for M this year. I will have to look at the ones you mentioned for inspiration.

  9. I love, love, love the murals!!!

  10. Your nursery is beautiful! What a lucky little girl you have! I would love to know your technique for the clouds. My daughters want a "beach" room.

  11. You are so talented! It is beautiful!

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am in awe, seriously. Thanks for posting pics.

  13. Oh Nettie, that is breathtaking! Really, really beautiful! :)

  14. Wow, Nettie, was this all freehand or did you use stencils or an overhead projector? I am completely amazed at your talent.

  15. I love everything about that room! You did an amazing job, it is just beautiful.
    My friend did a room like this for her 12 yr old dd, with flowers and a tree with a saying about flower gardens around the top of the whole room. This reminds me of what she did.

    I am sure you will just love spending time in the Nursery.

  16. So peaceful and beautiful! You are quite the artist Nettie! Thank you for sharing...I feel the need to paint something now..LOL. I would also love those cloud techniques, they are divine.

  17. WOW to die for. SO gorgeous! You are SO talented. The nursery is wonderful. Probably your fave room in the house. Be SO proud! ;0) Oh and my sister just painted vintage fairies in my daughter's room. I love that room!

  18. I'm a first time visitor here (from WFMW) This is a magical nursery. You're so talented! I just brought my husband in to see your painting (he very artistic also) He said "beautiful work)