Sunday, May 28, 2006

Se7ens Meme

Tori tagged me! This one is a se7ens meme. It took me awhile to figure out that "7" in the middle was also supposed to be a letter "V". Yeah, I can be a bit slow sometimes...

7 things I want to do before I die:

See my kids grow up to be good, responsible adults
Visit all the temples in the world, the US Utah with my husband
Spoil my grandkids
Go on an International vacation
Learn to play piano really well
Serve on a mission with my husband
Find a good recipe for Orange Beef

7 things I cannot do:

Snap the fingers on my right hand
Vote for a Clinton
Let my babies cry it out
Say "No, Thank You." to chocolate
Renounce my Faith
Bungee Jump
Sleep in whenever I want

7 things that attracted me to my spouse:

His sense of humor
The quirky way he dances
The loving way he treats his mother
He's a smarty
The way he willingly serves others and in the church
His briefcase
His Attractiveness

7 things I say often:

Love Ya, See Ya, Bye!
What the heck!
Are your chores (homework) done?
Sit on the chair, stand on the floor. (Okay, used to say this. I've given up.)
Where's my tape? (scissors, stapler, glue stick....)
Your sister is not a toy.
Quick, pick up as many things as twice your age!

7 books I love:

Shel Silverstein poetry
The Complete Works of A.A.Milne
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
A Book of Cape Cod Houses
A Garden Primer by Barbara Damarosch
The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias
Everything by Jane Austen

7 Movies I could watch over and over:

Sense and Sensibility
Anne of Green Gables
You've Got Mail
Operation Petticoat
Waking Ned Devine
Second Hand Lions

7 People I'd like to hear Se7ens from:

Lammy Ann
Momma Darlin'
Handie Mom
My Full Hands

Don't feel like you HAVE to play, but it'd be fun!


  1. Awesome list! Thanks for playing! :) Oh- I totally should have put the "Sleeping in whenever I want" on my "7 can not" list.

  2. Fun list of 7' what was it about the brief case?

  3. ItyBtyFrog - He brought back a really nice burgandy leather briefcase from Argentina. He sometimes brought it to church. I really liked it. Kind of corny now that I look back on it. Unfortunately, it was stolen when his mom's store had a break in.

  4. I bought "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" last year for my kids and before we read it I needed a gift ASAP, so I gave it away and could never remember the name again (granted I didn't try all that hard). But there it was on your list! Thanks, it's on the top of my list for books to buy this summer.

    Did your husband serve a mission in Argentina? My husband did.

  5. Gabriela- Actually he served in Chile, but he was released before coming home so he could tour Chile, Peru and Argentina with his mom before coming back home.

  6. My meme is up. It was fun. Thanks for the tag.

  7. That was a fun list!! I can never sleep in when I want either.

  8. Nettie, this was fun! Thanks for tagging me. I finally figured out mine too.

  9. Fun lists! You and I need to have a movie/book club - lots of similar "likes."

  10. those are fun! I was going to ask you but itybtyfrog beat me to it.


    I love Shel Silverstein

  11. what a fun list. It is great to get to know more about you.

  12. OK, I think I am the slow one now! My list is finally up. Thanks for choosing me to play along. It was fun!