Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seedfolk and Garden Planning

It may be snowing today, but my thoughts have turned toward spring!

My two oldest daughters and I just finished reading Seedfolk by Paul Fleishman.

We started reading together in the evenings again. I wanted to spend more quality time together, read more good books, and jump start reading scriptures better as a family. We had tried at bedtime before, but with a cranky tired 2 yr old, it didn't work out. So, I'm putting Elsie to bed a little earlier, and then starting to read books with the girl's to get a habit started. Soon, we will read books AND scriptures and get the rest of the family to come join us. That is the plan anyways.

So, back to the book. It's the story of a community garden in Cleveland that brings together a diverse group of neighbors. It is told in the voices of 16 people, each with a different background and life story. We really enjoyed reading it and discussing it together. It allowed my girls a peek into a world very different than their own. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after we were done that I found this teacher guide, complete with discussion questions. It also made me excited to start planning my garden for this year!

(Warning: The book does introduce a couple themes, drugs and teen pregnancy, that might be too much for younger children, but are a good spring board to the subjects for older ones.)

So, I've planned our food garden. We will be growing:

Maestro Peas
Mesculen Mix Lettuce
Buttercrunch Lettuce (New)
Mediana Spinach
Detroit Dark Red Beets
Blue Lake pole beans
Gurney's Pride Zuchinni
Spirit Hybrid Pumpkins
Straight 8 Cucumbers
Mammoth Dill

Plus tomatoes, bell peppers, basil and oregano plants bought locally.
And the already planted, strawberries, raspberries and cherries, of course.
Next, I need to plan for the flower beds, decide on a replacement a shrub that died last year, and put away all the snowmen decorations!


  1. I'm jealous. With a crazy up in the air summer moving summer, a garden is the last thing on my mind, but wish it could be. I miss my big garden at the old house :(

    Good luck on yours.

  2. Sounds like you have a great garden planned. I need to talk my step-son into letting me put in a vegetabe garden here. I did rearrange my flower garden last year. It was just to big to handle. There are tulips starting to peak up through the snow. Unfortunatly, the tulips are coming up where the grass should be growing now. I guess I did not do a good job in locating them last year. But I am glad that the beds are done. Now we have to work on getting my sprinklers back in the front yard. Loves to all.

  3. I love the forsythia!!! They are so beautiful. That is great that you are planning your garden. If we knew where we were going to be we might be doing the same thing.

  4. You're so ambitious. Gardening is not my thing, although I wish it were.

    I love forsythia!!!